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    Sunday 8:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
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Life Journals: Experiencing Deeper Life
A. God's Word is food for our soul...
3. God's Word brings success to our spiritual lives!
4. God's Word keeps us pure, keeps us from sin, and guides our lives!
1. Listen. God is speaking and He wants to walk daily with you!
2. Inquire. God wants us to seek Him with all our hearts, and when we do, He meets us right where we are!
3. Faith. Our faith will grow as we get to know Him more!
4. Experience. It is not only knowing things that builds our faith, it is doing them!
1. S - Scripture: Find the Scriptures for today in the Bible Reading Plan (pages 14-17)
2. O - Observation: Read the passage with an open heart and Jesus will give you words of encouragement, direction, and correction.
3. A - Application: Make personal application of the Scripture.
c. Write down the main Scripture. (S)
d. Write what you see in the Scripture. (O)
e. Write how you will be different today because of what you have just read. (A).
4. P - Prayer: The prayer is offering to God how you will use His Word in your life!
5. Give Jesus your best...morning or evening!
D. Combine this with your fasting...
1. Pray and fast...God commanded it!
2. Prayer and fasting make a difference!
Acts of the Apostles 14:23 NLT

3. Pray and fast for God to release His mighty power in our lives and those around us!
4. Pray for those in our world who need Christ!
Acts of the Apostles 26:18 NLT

5. Pray and fast for our nation.
Digging Deeper…for all those interested in digging deeper into this topic, there are resources in the Well Read Bookstore to assist you.
The God Questions book at $2.50 and $7.50 for follow up.
Plus, Well Read has additional materials upon request for the serious student!
Coming Soon:
September 25: Fact #1 God is Real
Answer to the Question – Is God Real?
September 27: 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting begins…
October 2: Fact #2 The Bible is True
Answer to the Question – Is the Bible True?
October 9: Fact #3 Only One Road Leads to Heaven
Answer to the Question – Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?
October16: Fact #4 A Good God May Allow Suffering
Answer to the Question – How Can a Good God Allow Suffering?
October 23: Fact #5 God Created
Answer to the Question – Which Is Right: Evolution or Creation?
October 30: Fact #6 – Heaven is a Place for Eternity
Answer to the Question – What Will Heaven Be Like?
November 6: Friend Day (End of 40 Days)

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