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3. Sin and the weights that slow us down.
B. Failure is a better teacher than success...
1. Failure teaches us determination.
2. Failure teaches us character.
3. Failure teaches us strength.
4. Failure teaches us perseverance.
5. Failure teaches us humility.
6. Failure teaches us compassion.
7. Failure teaches us understanding.
1. I recognize that everyone fails.
2. I remember that God still loves me and His forgiveness is not dependent on my success.
3. I learn and grow from my failure.
4. I must put failure behind me.
D. To find triumph in failure...
1. I must acknowledge and admit my failure.
"Many people look at their past failures and fear the risk of pursuing a vision. Their motto is, 'If at first you don't succeed, destroy all the evidence that you've tried'." - John Maxwell
2. I must forgive myself. Just because I have failed in the past does not mean I have to give up on the future.
3. I must keep my focus on the future and not my past failure. God remembers my faith not my failure.
4. I need to ask, "What is God teaching me through this failure?"
“When you go through failures what are your first questions?
- ‘Why are people doing this to me?’
- ‘Why is God allowing this to happen to me?’

Or you may think:
- ‘I have been keeping my prayer life up to date and I have been walking with the Lord and obedient to His Word so why should this happen to me now?’

Better questions to ask might be:
- ‘What can I learn through this experience?’
- ‘What is God teaching me through this failure?’
5. I may face consequences from my failure, but these can be a reminder to me that God will always be with me.
6. I only fail when I stop trying.
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising each time we fall." - Oliver Goldsmith
7. God has ultimate victory for me as I trust Him and as I rely on His work through me. God only sees our efforts, not our successes.

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