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The Fall: A New Life
Core 3
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    1109 SE 3rd St, Aledo, IL 61231, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
The BIG question: What is my problem?
1. Our Problem
Pride… the universal human experience.
Why do we sometimes interpret God’s commands as more stringent as they are?
a. We don’t trust ourselves, so we add layers of rules to keep us from crossing a line.
b. We can justify our past and enjoy our pleasure.
Three possible seductions/temptations.
a. The pride of passion (lust of the flesh)
b. The pride of possession (lust of the eyes)
c. The pride of position (the boastful pride of life)
“Be careful what you wish for…you might just get it!”
2. Satan’s Strategy
a. Turn the blessing into a burden.
- Satan made the garden seem like a prison.
b. Tell half-truths that become full-blown deception.
- Satan has a way of hiding the price-tag for sin.
c. Promise the seductive lie that you could be your own God.
- We are all living in the shadow of the breech that occurred at the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
3. God’s Solution
a. Adam and Eve’s initial impulse was to hide.
b. God’s initial impulse was to seek and save the lost.
c. The veiled prophecy revealed in Genesis 3:15 points towards the cross of Christ.
Where does that leave us today?
- Are we mindful of the seduction/temptations that Satan will hurl at every opportunity?
- Are you checking the price tags for that sin?
- Are we seeking a life of autonomy or humbly submitting ourselves to Jesus?
What is your response?
- Trust Jesus
- Read His Word
- Pray