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The Wisest Investment
The greatest risk is to invest nothing. By Tim Turner, based on Matthew 25:14-30, from the series "Risk Takers: Saying Yes to God."
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  • Christ's Church Campus
    745 Davenport Farm Rd, Winterville, NC 28590, USA
    domingo 9:00 AM, domingo 10:00 AM
The greatest risk is to invest nothing.
What does this mean for us?
Lesson 1: God has given each of us talents – a wealth of ability.
Lesson 2: Everyone does not have the same abilities but everyone has the same responsibility for the abilities they have.
Lesson 3: The master is looking for faithful people who will take appropriate risks because they trust Him.
Lesson 4: If you are faithful, God will bless you.
Romans 12 list of gifts:
- Exhortation
- Giving
- Leadership
- Mercy
- Prophecy
- Service
- Teaching

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