Sunday Apr 14, 2019
Locations & Times
  • The Roads Church - NC
    583 US-45, Norris City, IL 62869, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
  • eRoads Family
    Sunday 10:30 AM
  • The Roads - Mt. Carmel
    2200 College Dr, Mt Carmel, IL 62863, USA
    Sunday 5:30 PM
Evangelist - euangelistes - euggelizo - To announce, declare, tell or demonstrate good news; a messenger of “good”, well-being
Jennifer K. Balch, a professor of geography at the University of Colorado at Boulder who has studied the human causes of wildfires said,
- “We almost forget it, but wherever people go we bring fire with us.”
3 components to Wild fires - “Fire Triangle”

1) Heat Source - Sun, lightening, match
2) Fuel - Grasses, Trees, leaves, debris, etc.
3) Oxygen - Air which supplies oxygen to transport and spread the flames
Baptize - baptizo - To immerse, engulf, to dip in completely or under; overwhelm or flood

With - en - Fixed position (place, time or state)
3 Components of Fire Triangle:

1) Fire (Heat Source) - pyr - Fire in its forms and uses
- Light - Light for direction
- Heat - Add value by revealing contaminants
2) You (Fuel) - Burning bush with Moses
3) Holy Spirit (Oxygen) - pneuma - Current of air; breath, wind, spirit
- Air which supplies oxygen to transport and spread the flames.
Commanded - parangello - To give orders or instructions with authority; to announce what must be done.

Promise - epangelia - What one commits to do or not do
Endued - enduo - Be clothed, put on; To submerge into
Power - dunamis - Force, miraculous power
Tarry - kathizo - To remain, settle on, reside, inhabit
Power - dunamis - Force, miraculous power

Witnesses - martus (martyr) - One who can testify to the truth of what he has seen, heard or knows. Eventually willing to die for it. “The TRUTH”
WHAT do we witness about?
- The TRUTH of what we have seen, heard or know!

WHO do we witness to?
Jerusalem and all Judea - Fellow Jews; Homeland (Family & Friends)

Samaria - First were not allowed to; Compromising people who worshipped God along with many other gods. (Neighbors)

End of the Earth - Gentiles; pagans with no knowledge of the True God. (Whoever we come in contact with)
Mighty - biaios - Violent, strong force or energy

Wind - pnoe - Wind, breeze, blast, breath (Oxygen)

Filled - pleroo - To cram full to the top, make full

Appeared - horao - To see, come into sight or view; be visible

Divided - diamerizo - To separate, distribute, disperse or spread out

Tongues - glossa - Body part, language or part of a flame of fire

Sat - kathizo - To remain, settle on, reside, inhabit
Filled - pimplemi - To fill up or make full; generously supplied
Arrival and Impact of the Promise

- Sound as of a Wind - Oxygen
- Fire - Heat Source
- People - Fuel

- Will you allow Jesus to baptize you with (in) the Holy Spirit and Fire?

- Are you telling others the things that you have seen, heard or know?

- Do you have stored energy that needs to be activated?

- Do you need to increase the % of Oxygen (Holy Spirit) in your life?