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When talking about home and family the Bible gives us a raw look at both. For instance, God does not hold back about David and his infidelity with Bathsheba nor does He he glide over the poor way in which David fathers his children. So when we look at the The Original Family, Adam and Eve, or even looking at their children we can see the lostness of humanity in their actions.
Today, I would like to look at the beginning of this Original Family, the creation of Adam and Eve, and how God wanted this family to be developed in conjunction with God as their partner/ leader. Let’s look at the second creation story from the second chapter of Genesis.
This is Moses telling us how God actually made Adam, the first man, whereas in verse 27-28 of chapter one we see a general description of the creation of mankind.
By the end of the 6th day all was pronounced “very good.” (v. 31) But before the day was over, Adam was the first of mankind to be made and he was alone without the female. (Gen. 2:7, 18) And we see in verse 18 that God felt that not all was good, yet, because the man was alone and there was no suitable helper for him. God, out of His concern and Fatherly love for Adam’s aloneness, wanted him to have a companion to be with and to help with that solitude. Remember that on the 5th day all the swimming animals fish etc.. and some of the birds were created and then on the 6th day before man was formed of the dust of the earth God created all the living creatures of the land. God brought all the land animals which He created to come by Adam so that he could name them and to see if there was a suitable companion among them. After all of that the Bible states that there was no suitable or kinship with any of those animals found.
When we read the passage from 18 to the end of the chapter we see God’s remedy for the “not good.”
God in His infinite wisdom and mercy knew that man could not live without another human because he was a “soul creature” and part of his nature was to be with someone. Matthew Henry once said, “man is a sociable creature. It is a pleasure to him to exchange knowledge and affection with those of his own kind, to inform and to be informed, to love and to be beloved.’” Also Solomon said in Eccl. 4:9, the “two are better that one, and woe to him that is alone.” (Matthew Henry commentary)

All of Eden would be nothing without a companion suitable for man, the paradise would become a desert. So God as it is said in Gen. 1:27-28, made male and female so that they could become companions and husband and wife and could multiple and fill the earth with men and women and boys and girls, generation after generation. Why did not God create male and male or female and female? Because He created, as the Bible says, male and female so that they might be fruitful and multiply the earth!

Verse 21 says God caused man to fall asleep and while he was sleeping He took a rib and closed the place and made woman from that rib.
Don Stewart puts it like this, “The King James Version says that Adam's rib was used in the creation of Eve. The word translated rib is the Hebrew word tsela. It is used more than thirty times in the Old Testament and is only translated rib in this passage. It refers to the side of Adam. In the Sumerian language, one of the most ancient known to humanity, the word for rib also means life. In this context it is clear that the woman was created from the life of the man.
Life Comes From Life
Thus God made Eve from the life of Adam. This is consistent with the biblical doctrine of creation. Life only comes from life, it does not come from non-life. The theory of evolution holds that life originally rose out of non-living matter without any outside help. The Bible, on the other hand, says that the living God created human life out of previous materials that He had made.”
You see God used the dust to make man and animal but he used man to make or as Dr. W. A. Criswell has said, “banah” the Hebrew word meaning “built,” so He built a woman. He took the rib which was close to the man’s heart and to his soul and built a woman! She was not lesser than the man but equal to him. They were both made in the image of God Himself. Matthew Henry wrote: "She was not made out of his head to rule over him, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved." Paul wrote that "the woman is the glory of man" (1 Cor. 11:7, niv); for if man is the head (1 Cor. 11:1-16; Eph. 5:22-33), then woman is the crown that honors the head.”

When God sent the animals by Adam, he saw a male and female animal with each pair and it brought out his need and his incompleteness without one like him. Remember one like him. So God used the rib to make or build a woman like him but much more.
Again, Dr. Criswell said if you read it like, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” You are not getting the fullness of the Hebrew translation. He says it should be read like the ending of a super bowl, coming down to the last seconds and the quarterback passes the ball to the wide receiver and the ball goes and goes toward the end zone until the receiver catches it at the goal line and goes into the end zone for the score and the win! Like when Deshaun Watson passed the ball to Hunter Renfrow with 1 second left and he catches it in the end zone. How many of you who are Clemson fans just sat there and said, “Great, we won.” No, everyone went crazy with excitement. Adam went crazy with excitement when he saw Eve! Criswell says that the Hebrew language was something like this, “Look at this! Look at this! Look at this! Wow!” He went wild!
The next step was God giving this special direction about the man and woman, “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” He wanted to make sure that we all realized that marriage is between the man and his wife and not along with mom and dad. God wants all husbands and wives to be together and to become united as one, one flesh apart from their families. God created the idea of a passionate and special sexual relationship between husband and his wife or a wife and her husband. To be united and to be one flesh is just that. Yes the relationship is companionship and friendship and yet more than that. The sexual relationship of a man becoming one with his wife and vice versa was God’s idea in marriage to have the relationship culminated. With the very first family God knew what it would take to be fruitful and multiply the earth. But it was not just to be rote like the animals and their way of reproduction but a personal and passionate experience between the husband and wife as they become one with each other.

God's pattern for marriage wasn't devised by Adam; as the traditional marriage ceremony states it, "Marriage was born in the loving heart of God for the blessing and benefit of mankind." No matter what the courts may decree, or society may permit, when it comes to marriage, God had the first word and He will have the last word (Heb. 13:4; Rev. 22:15). (BE Series, Warren Wiersbe)
I would like to end the message by looking at the last two verses, 24-25,
When doing premarital counseling, I use these two verses a lot. Even though the new bride and groom “leave” their parents to make a new unit and family, they don’t completely break ties with them. Of course, Adam and Eve had no parents to leave! So why does God say that here? Not only is scripture for the context of those who are being written about but also for the future and since this is about marriage, God is giving the instructions He wants all of us to learn. Man and wife are to be united which doesn’t mean that they have to think alike or to act alike. You have seen older and now sometimes younger couples dress alike? That is not a requirement to getting older by the way.
In verse 25, God states something that some people might just take as obvious, “Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.” In one of our marriage small groups many years ago when we got to this part of the scripture all the guys like this verse. And of course it is true! But one of the women in a thoughtful way said, “I don’t think that is all it means.” She said, “I believe that this also means that you can become naked in the way you related to your spouse in your thoughts and actions and bear your soul and emotions and not be ashamed!” Wow! Profound, and it is also true! Husband and wife ought to be able to do those things and feel unashamed in your relationship with your spouse. The companionship that God wanted for man and woman in that sacred relationship should come with those thoughts in mind too. Becoming one comes in all flavors.
Friends let’s finish out by saying, marriage is about companionship and a relationship that encompasses so much more. Marriage is also about being one flesh, a way God provides for a man and a woman to enjoy a sexual relationship in the bonds of marriage. Any other way is sin and not acceptable to God. Marriage is also for childbearing, ”be fruitful and multiply.” But after the time of childbearing age, then a married couple can still enjoy the one flesh experience. The last, and it will be discussed fully in another sermon, is that the marriage is a picture of Christ and His Church. (Ephesians 5:22-33)
The Bible is clear that a man and woman need to have a relationship with the Creator God. He sent Jesus Christ, His Son, to live here on earth as a man so that He could die upon a cross and take your sin and mine upon Him so He could forgive those sins. After He died, He was buried and on the third day after His death He arose from the grave alive and He lives evermore to give all who believe in him as Savior and Lord, eternal life now while we are still living here on the earth and in heaven with Him when we die.
Maybe you need to take a serious look at your marriage relationship with your spouse and renew your commitment to them.
Maybe you are here and you are a Christian but you have wandered far away from God and your commitment to Christ. You need to come and talk with someone and allow them to pray for you to renew your faith in Christ and living for Him.

And maybe you are here today and you need Jesus to come into your life and save you. You come during this invitation.

Some of you have been coming and now is a good time to join this church because you are a Christian and need a church to worship in, serve Christ in and to fellowship with other believers.


Dear friend if you are reading this by way of the internet please know that you are loved and cared for. If you have no relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son, then I invite you to trust Him by faith and receive Him as your personal Savior. Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sin of everyone in the world that they may have eternal life. All of us have sinned and all are guilty before Almighty God who made us to have fellowship with Him. But sin broke that ability to have a relationship and Jesus has restored the possibility to know God personally through His sacrifice. Please know that if you will seek God and turn from your sin and pray He will respond with His love and give to you a personal relationship through your belief in His Son and the sacrifice He made just for you. He will call for a change in your life too. He wants you to follow Him, not the world, not your own desires, but to follow Jesus. That brings a life change when you turn from sin and self and by faith believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. There is no Savior without Him being Lord of your life. Your willingness to change by following Him daily in your life will be the proof of your faith. When life throws its curves your way and you have found yourself broken by others or by the world let us introduce you to the only One who can help you…Jesus! You can write or call the office and we will follow up by contacting you. Office phone number is 864-225-2575 and the website address is and the physical address is 2308 N. Main St., Anderson, SC 29621. Dear friend if you are a believer and you have been touched by the Lord and you would like to talk to someone at the church just contact us in one of the ways you see above. If you are a believer and would like to talk about the church and your interest in being a part, please call and we can set up an appointment for you and get to know you. It would be a great pleasure to share our Lord’s love with you. This is a loving church and you are important to us, so please let us know what we can do for you in the Lord.Pastor Bill Rigsby