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Grace-Filled Fighting — My House vol 2 Week 2
Friendship & Conflict — Matthew 18:15-22
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1) Dealing with conflict in a way that honors Christ requires great humility.
The foundation of humility b/c you’ll never resolve conflict from a position of pride.
If you can’t seem to resolve conflict with your spouse, you might need to take it to a trusted mentor who’s a believer or pastor. It must be a believer. Worst thing you can do is bring in someone who doesn’t know Jesus. They don’t have same well to draw from.
2) We must have a forgiving heart.
Understanding how God dealt with our sin, should influence the way we deal with the sin of others. We don’t want to see Jesus with an ax, we want Jesus’ grace & mercy. Do you extend this to others?
Forgiving someone isn’t letting them off the hook…it’s getting you off the hook. It isn’t releasing them from the responsibility of what they did…it’s releasing you from the responsibility of being the judge who deals with their sentence.