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Chasing God: Why Seeking Him Matters
Pastor Mark Pope October 7/8, 2023
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Where does God fit on our "must have" list?
Main Point:
Having God on our "must have" list...
opens communication.
שָׁמַע(shaw-mah') - to hear, give heed, give earnest heed…listen or listen attentively…

Selective Listening - It involves consciously or unconsciously choosing to listen to what is relevant to you and ignore what isn't.
Chasing God is about urgently kneeling in hopes God actively listens.
What is on your heart to bring before the Lord?
Main Point:
Having God on our "must have" list...
unleashes healing.
אֶרֶץ (eh'-rets)earth, land, countries and their lands, countryside…
When we seek God, healing trickles out all over the place.
Story of the Welsh Revival:
The impact of the Welsh Revival touched essentially every aspect of Welsh society, with 100,000 throughout Wales professing faith… [there were] permeating effects...“Drunkenness was immediately cut in half, and many taverns went bankrupt. Crime was so diminished that judges were presented with white gloves signifying that there were no cases of murder, assault, rape or robbery or the like to consider. The police became unemployed in many districts.Stoppages occurred in coal mines, not due to unpleasantness between management and workers, but because so many foul-mouthed miners became converted and stopped using foul language… the horses which handled the coal trucks in the mines could no longer understand what was being said…"

– Larry Brown, The Welsh Revival And Other Revivals Worldwide, 1900-1905
“We spend too much time treating symptoms of a sickness that only God can heal
- Join in.
- Identify a prayer need.
- Believe for a ripple effect.
"Same God" by Elevation Worship:
Oh God my God I need you,
Oh God my God I need you now, how I need you now
Oh Rock of Rock of ages, I’m standing on your faithfulness.

Giving at The Vineyard

We don't pass a plate for tithes and offerings here at Vineyard, but we do believe that giving back through our finances is an important way to worship Jesus.