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Buzzwords - Part 7 - Holy
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To be separated or cut off, separated as pure for a good purpose.
1. Holiness does not come naturally.
2. Holiness is connected to peace.
3. Holiness relies on each other.
4. Holiness is rooted in my heart.
5. Holiness is the prize that counterfeits claim to be.

When have you been in a setting where you were obviously "separated" or "cut off" from everyone else? What made it obvious that you were?

When have you been on the other side of that and saw someone or other people who were "separated" and as a result they were experiencing something you wanted?

How does this point us to an idea of what "holy" and "holiness" really is?

Read Leviticus 20:26. God says we must be holy because He is holy. What are some ways that you think about God being separate and cut off from everything and everyone else? If holiness is for a good purpose, what are the good purposes you see in His holiness?

Read Hebrews 12:14-17. Why is it important to recognize that holiness will be hard work rather than coming naturally to us?

Read Genesis 25:29-34. What was the counterfeit that Esau fell for? Why was it not worth it in the end? What does this example teach us about the counterfeits to a holy life that we will be tempted with?

Read Hebrews 12:14 again. When have you seen someone working hard to live at peace with everyone or when have you done this? What did it look like? How did it make it obvious to others that they or you were set apart and not like everyone else?

Hebrews 12:15 says we are to look after each other and watch out for each other. How can we do this? How have you do this before?

What is the most difficult part about pursuing holiness from the points we learned this morning? Which ones caused tension for you? Which ones inspired you to do something and take action?

Think through the five points and ask about each of these below, what can you pragmatically do this week to:

- Work to be holy like your Father is holy?
- Live at peace with everyone?
- Look out for each other?
- Pay attention to and protect your heart and each other's hearts?
- Avoid the counterfeits that come our way?

How will this lead each of us to being on mission this week to meet a need in someone else's life and to be ready to share our faith story with someone where we live, work, or play?


Pray for each other and what you shared in the "do" section above. Pray that we will help each other and look out for each other in the micro church. Pray that as a result of us becoming holy like our God is holy, the result will be other people in our lives being drawn to Jesus.

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