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The Summit Church

"I Am Here" Experience God's Presence Pt. 2

"I Am Here" Experience God's Presence Pt. 2

Discussion Guide: Week 3

Locations & Times

The Summit Church - Kernersville

4440 High Point Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284, USA

Thursday 6:30 PM

Sunday 9:30 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM

Use this space to take your general notes during the message.
How do you make time to connect with God during your week? When do you feel closest to God?
Everyone who believes God exists longs to experience His presence, to know, see, or feel. As humans we desire a connection with the Creator. Read Psalm 63:1 (NIV). In what ways have you found yourself feeling similarly to the way that King David is feeling in this passage?
Read James 4:8 (NLT). How does God respond to our longing in this verse?
As Pastor Jonathan said, "because God is ever-present, everywhere, every moment: there are endless ways to experience God's presence". He referenced the book Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas. This book lays out different ways that people might connect with God. Which one resonates with you?
Read Psalm 19:1-4 (NLT). How has God uniquely created you to experience His presence? Keep in mind, you may connect with God differently than others around you.

If you have identified the ways you best connect with God, allow yourself a few moments this week to connect with Him. Try and prioritize this time spent in His presence. If you have not been able to identify the ways YOU connect with the presence of God, sit in prayer and ask Him to reveal them to you.

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