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Abraham: A Case Study In Faith
Chris Putney | Romans 4:9-25
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Today's Full Sermon Passage

Romans 4:9-25
Abrahamic Covenant - 3 Things God Promised Abraham
1. Offspring
2. Land
3. Blessing Relationship
1. Religious works do not save you (vv. 9-12)
2. The law does not save you (vv. 13-15)
3. You are saved by grace through faith (vv. 16-17)
4 Lessons
1. Abraham believed when circumstances seemed hopeless. (v. 18)
2. Abraham endured in faith (vv. 19-20a)
3. Abraham gave glory to God with his faith (vv. 20b-21)
From the Westminster Catechism:
What is the chief end of man?
Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.
4. Faith leads to righteousness (vv. 22-25)

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