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You Have Something to Do too! - Galatians Ch 6:1-10
Galatians teaches that believers are justified by Jesus alone. They are a part of a diverse family and equipped by the Spirit to love God and others. Galatians teaches that believers are justified by Jesus alone. They are a part of a diverse family and equipped by the Spirit to love God and others.
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In Galatia, some might have fallen victim to a trespass. Although they shouldn't ever remain in the position of being overtaken, Paul didn't seem to remove the overtaken person from the brethren.

i. These are not HARDEN sinners; these are sincere believers who have fallen into sin or trespass.
ii. The word “overtaken” indicates a state of falling into or trapped in a way they never thought they would be.
iii. This is not deliberate, planned or intentional, but mistaken.

The overtaken ones need to be restored.
i. Not excused, ignored, or destroyed.
ii. God always desires restoration.

Restoration must be GENTLE.
i. Keeping in mind we are all subject to failing.
A picture of sagging under a burden.
i. Sometimes people need a hand with their burdens and struggles.
ii. Even when we get into a mess ourselves, we need a hand up… not a handout

This is a fulfilment of the LAW of Christ.
i. Not a suggestion, but a requirement.
Pride prevents us from bearing one another’s burdens and fulfilling the law of Christ.

Pride is dangerous in the life of a Christian and can prevent us from:
i. Giving help
ii. Receiving help
iii. Admitting failures
iv. Being teachable
v. Being pliable
Here is a call for self-inventory.
i. Examination in the Holy Spirit
ii. Without it, we become haughty and self-righteous.

I am not LIKE THAT SINNER when saying just that proves you might even be worse!
Literally I am responsible for ME… My works, my life, my choices and ultimately my position before God

Be careful to understand there is not a contradiction here between being told to bare one another’s burdens, and that we will bear our own.
i. If I can help you, I need to help you as part of who God called me to be in Christ.
ii. However, I will not be held accountable for your outcome with Christ.
1. Pastors and teachers will be judged.
2. Leaders will be judged.
3. FOLLOWERS will be judged.
Paul urges those who are taught to help those who are teaching them in the spirit by encouraging and uplifting them.
i. The historical context here focuses on financial support, but it is NOT limited to money alone.
1. It is the place of those being taught to support the teachers and preachers with money, and though this seems self-serving, it has to be said.
2. Martin Luther said: “These passages are all meant to benefit us ministers. I must say I do not find much pleasure in explaining these verses. I am made to appear as if I am speaking for my own benefit.”
3. This is a fundamental spiritual precept that is occasionally disregarded. You should give financial support to those who nourish and bless you spiritually.
ii. Today we can
1. Share on social media.
2. Text and call
3. Message one another
4. Share a word of encouragement.
5. Amen during the message.
6. Be interactive in the lesson.
7. Study between classes.
This goes to back up Verse 6
i. Sowing and reaping
ii. Giving to God is not wasting or throwing away money.
iii. “A seed you sow, not a debt you owe.”

Paul is literally stating that to think this way is to make a mockery of God.
i. Paul is stating this as a principle not a reward system for how good the teacher is or how well he/she performs.
He continues on here with the same thought, sow wheat get wheat, sow to the flesh, the flesh grows!
i. A necessity in a HEALTHY Christian walk is one of giving and generosity.

Sowing seed does not only produce the seed itself, but the fruit that is bearing the seed!
i. Apples seeds produce apples that have more seeds.
ii. Here Paul is telling us that we will reap something BETTER than material things… Eternal Life!
As we wisely manage our resources before God under the principle of sowing and reaping, we need patience.
i. This is because the harvest does not come immediately after the seeds are sown.
ii. It is easy to get discouraged.
I believe this is the call to take care of the church and its people before we provide anything for the world outside!

Tithe and Offering

2 Corinthians 9:7 KJV Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, [so let him give]; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. God's people have always been characterized by giving, but the way they've given has changed over time.  Giving is an important aspect of the Christian life. After all, Luke records that Jesus himself said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20:35).  At Northside, we want to encourage all members to pray about giving and give as God leads them.

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