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Prayer: Devoted to Prayer
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  • RockPointe Church - Central Campus
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    Sunday 9:15 AM

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There are two ways to show devotion:
- Loyalty
- Consistency
Biblical understanding of “devoted to prayer” means:
- Persist
- Steadfast
- Ongoing
- Continual
- Persevering
- Frequent
- Habitual
- Addicted
Why be Devoted to Prayer?
1. To keep from sin
2. To see others as God sees them
3. To respond to God’s prompting
4. To see people saved
How to be Devoted to Prayer
1. Desire it and take time for it

2. Don’t let it get stale
-- Free and formed
-- Alone and assembled
-- Desperate and delighted
-- Explosive and extend
-- Spontaneous and scheduled

3. Do what’s worked for others
- Martin Luther on Prayer
-- Pray First and Last:
-- Warm Up to Prayer (by meditating on scripture)
----- Study a passage
----- Look for Instructions
----- Give thanks
----- Practice confession
----- Pray and petition
-- Personalize the Lord’s Prayer
What can keep us from being devoted to prayer?
1. We don’t take time to mature
2. We don’t see ourselves as someone who should be devoted to prayer
3. We have disordered loves and are devoted to other things
What if I’m not devoted to prayer?
1. We fail to treat God as God.
2. Prayers un-prayed will be prayers unanswered.
3. We become spiritual refugees instead of a spiritual soldiers.