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2. Focus on developing GODLY CHARACTER.
3. RELY FULLY on Jesus over LIMITED HUMAN wisdom.
5. HONOR God, reject FEAR, and give FIRSTRUITS.
Discussion Questions
1. Share a time when you experienced an upgrade, an unexpected perk, or a blessing you were not anticipating. What were your thoughts and emotions at the time? How do you see it now?

2. Read Proverbs 3:1-10. Circle or highlight all the benefits of wisdom. (Remember these are proverbs not ironclad promises.) There are at least ten of them listed. Which benefit, advantage, or blessing of wisdom stands out the most to you?

3. What were your main takeaways from the message? What challenged, encouraged, confused, or strengthened you?

4. Pastor Quintin shared about the paths to a life upgrade:
· Live out a biblical worldview.
· Focus on developing godly character.
· Rely fully on Jesus over limited human wisdom.
· Take God seriously and resist evil.
· Honor God, reject fear, and give firstfruits.

Of these five paths, which one is probably your strongest? Which path is the one you’d like to see some growth and some bold faith steps?

5. Read v. 4 aloud. Why is it important for followers of Jesus to find favor and high regard with both God and people? What happens if we don’t have both?

6. What are some circumstances where avoiding evil would lead to healing and strengthening for your physical (and emotional) health?

7. Proverbs is written about God’s wisdom that we commonly experience – the way life ordinarily goes when we follow God’s counsel. On the other hand, Job and Ecclesiastes are wisdom books in the Bible about the exceptions to these general principles. Job is about suffering for an unknown reason, and Ecclesiastes is about the unexpected complications of living in the real world. Some people focus only on the normal, everyday wisdom and are blind to the exceptions. But others fixate only on the exceptions, and don’t learn much about the day-to-day, normal wisdom of Proverbs. Why are both important? Give examples.

8. Why is taking the first step of wisdom (giving firstfruits) so difficult for so many? How can we overcome fear and a reluctance to honor God with our firstfruits?

9. How do the principles of Proverbs 3 relate to loving your neighbors, especially the One Life whom God has placed in your path?

10. How can your Life Group pray for one another to experience the life upgrades of Proverbs 3?