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9.18.2022 | Revelation - Week 36
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September 18, 2022

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~ Revival
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Sept 23 - Praise, Worship & Prayer Night
Sept 28 ~ See You At The Pole
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September 18th, 2022 - Week 36 - Rev. Jeff Bender

Well, we are coming to the end of our study in Revelation.

It’s been quite a journey and most of it I would call depressing.

Even though it’s God’s final judgment on all those who rebelled against Him, and the end of sin and death in the world, it is sad to know that many will suffer through and as we learned 2 weeks ago.

Many will end in the lake of fire. That alone should energize us to be about God’s business.

But now we are coming to the good parts of the book. What happens when all this is over? What will the world be like when it’s all done?

We ended chapter 20 with the devil, fallen angels and those who rejected Christ, along with death and the grave were sent to hell.
So all sin, temptation, death and sickness are gone forever.

Now what?
There are 2 theories about this verse.

One is that God rebuilds the existing Earth. He fixes all that is wrong with it and we are on the same earth as before, only better.

The other (which I think more scholars believe) is that God destroys everything in the existing earth and makes a brand new one.
Some believe God will burn everything up and start new.
Another reason that it’s probably not a renovated earth, but a totally new one, is that oceans and seas are necessary for the replacing of oxygen in the air.

That will no longer be needed since everything will be new.

So, no more beach front property.

Oceans and seas have been barriers between countries and people.

In the new Earth, we will be united.
This city already exists. It’s up with God.
It’s a city that was prepared for all who believe.
No longer will there be 2 separate places.

One for mankind and another for God

God and humans will live in the same place. Heaven and earth will basically be combined.

The loud shout was to be an encouragement, comfort, and assurance for believers.
All the effects of sin will be gone forever.

All evil has been banished forever.

We will remember everything that is worth remembering, but we will not be able to remember things that may cause us regret, grief, or sorrow.
Once you die, you do not see anything happening on earth.

Because most of what you would see will cause regret, grief or sorrow.

Hell, on the other hand, you will remember all the times you rejected Christ, you will remember all your loved ones who also rejected Christ.

You will live eternally with sorrow and regret.
In this account, you do not see that Lazarus knows about hell or even sees it, but the rich man does.

Not because he’s rich, but because he rejected Christ.
Most believe this is Jesus, since the Bible says that He created everything.
And he is saying that he CREATED all things new.

This word indicates God’s creative acts. Not a rebranding or rebuilding, but a new recent creation.

So, everything we see today, no matter how beautiful or ugly will be destroyed completely and re-created NEW.

He also tells John to write it down because they are not man’s ideas, but God’s revelation.
Jesus said “It is finished” on the cross.

This literally means “It is done”.

The requirements for sin have been met. “It is finished”.

Now the final promise has been met. “It is done”.

From A to Z has been accomplished.

Alpha and Omega indicates-Everything is complete.

When he says “to all who are thirsty” he means right now, not when we’re in heaven.

If we are thirsty for the things of God, NOW, he will give us this promise THEN.

Verse 17 backs that up.
If we thirst for God now, we will be overcomers in this life.

The water that we should thirst for now is the life-giving quality of the Holy Spirit.
During our praise & worship night we will be focusing on the Holy Spirit, the infilling and baptism in the Holy Spirit.

(Side note: Join us Friday, September 23rd at 6:30 pm for that!)
Here’s a list of all who won’t make it. Let’s quickly go through it.

Cowards - Those are the ones who fear people more than trust God. They care about personal safety than loyalty to Christ.

Unbelievers - Those who have heard the truth and rejected it, and those who once believed but have left the faith.

Corrupt - These are those who claim to follow Christ, but their lifestyle and actions defy what is written in God’s word.

Murderers - Pretty self explanatory-those who take a human life thru their actions and choices.

Immoral - (sexually immoral in the NIV)-Those who defy God’s boundaries for sexual relations, (sex without marriage, homosexual sex, etc.)

Witchcraft - Those who use poisons, drugs, magic potions, secret rituals, incantations-especially when associated with religion.

Idol Worshippers - Those who worship anything in place oof the one true God.

All Liars – False prophets, false apostles, false preachers, those who actively practice deceit, and those who deny God’s word.

This stops the claim that you can live like you want because you are under God’s grace, and still be saved, or that God would never send anyone to hell.

There is a difference between recognizing these sins and repenting of them if you fall, and living a constant life thinking that you once said a prayer and you are saved forever, no matter what you do.

This list makes it clear that you cannot.
So, one of the angels that poured out God’s wrath, now comes to John (wrath pouring is over) and says let me show you the bride of Christ.

We know that believers are called the bride of Christ. So, he’s going to show John all the believers.

It’s not specific if he actually took him to a high mountain, more than likely, he took him “in spirit” meaning in his mind’s eye.

He first saw a glimpse of Jerusalem, now he sees a longer more detailed view.

But a city is not the bride, we are so, it must mean that all believers are living in that city as it descends.

The heaven it is descending from is the third heaven.

We talked about that earlier in the series.

1st heaven in the atmosphere
2nd heaven in outer space
3rd heaven is where God is (unseeable)
Walls symbolize security. The people of God will be safe.

12 gates means that we will be free to come and go from this great city and explore the rest of heaven

The angels are not there to keep people or things out, or for protection, because there will be no need for that.

They are there to be encouragers to those who come and go through the gates.
The tribes of Israel means there will be no more separation between the Jewish people and the church (Christians)--open to all God’s people.
The church has the apostles to thank for being the foundation of what we have today.

The church is built upon all they did.
This indicates that what John is seeing is a real physical city, not a spiritual one.

The USA distance from coast to coast is anywhere from 2100 miles to 2800 miles.

The distance from the Canadian border to the Mexican border is about 2100 miles.

This one city would cover more than 2/3 of this country.

And it extends 1400 miles in the air!
This is where we get the term “streets of gold”. But the gold here is different than what we know.

Our gold can never be transparent, no matter how thin we can make it.

The point is this city will be like nothing we have ever seen before.
In the Old Testament, God’s presence was in the temple.

In the New Testament, God’s presence thru the Holy Spirit was in we believers.

In heaven, God’s presence will be everywhere.

We will be in constant and direct contact with God’s presence all the time.
The full revelation of God’s glory will make the sun and moon unnecessary.

The way the sun provides heat, and our life processes, thru the growth of plants etc, aren’t needed.

Jesus will be the source of our power, energy and light.

We will no longer need sleep, therefore no night is necessary. And no day-night cycles.

The nations mentioned here are not what we think of nations today.

It simply means that all people of all backgrounds are here.
Everyone will be free to come and go as they wish. No need for “nighttime” protection.

We lock everything at night because of what happens in the dark. There will be no night, no sin or evil or temptation, so no need to lock anything.

Nothing will be allowed to enter, because nothing is there.

Why? Because the only ones there are those who have their names in the Book of Life.

So the question is, do you have your name in the book of life?

When we see the contrast between eternity with God and eternity without God, the choice seems like a no brainer.

But yet, there are many who either don’t believe any of this, or those who think they have all kinds oof time to make that choice.

How many here have any type of insurance? Life, health, car?

Why do you have it? In case something happens.

Can you get insurance after you have an accident or wind up in the hospital? Nope. You had your chance before something happened. Now you are out of luck.

We have the choice NOW to trust in what Jesus did for us. Because we know something is going to happen. We are going to all die at some point.

If you wait until that time, you too, will be out of luck.

Thank you for joining us!

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