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What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?
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Historical Realities – Christians faced intense opposition and temptation to compromise in 1st century Roman Empire.

Future Events – There will be sweet victory for God’s people and just judgment against the ungodly in the last, last days.

Spiritual Truths –The good news of Jesus is that God redeems us to a beautiful eternity and defeats evil forever.
Anticipate SPECTACULAR future as Jesus’ REDEEMED followers.
FAITHFULLY ENDURE -- no matter what, you are BLESSED.
RE-EVALUATE your entire life in light of the HARVEST.
WORSHIP the KING who is just, true, holy, and righteous.
Discussion Questions
1. What’s something you were initially reluctant to attempt, but turned out well when you decided to try it out?
2. Read Revelation 1:3 aloud. Many people think of the Book of Revelation as weird, scary, or confusing. Or that it’s about making charts and timelines. 3. How has our study shown that it is written to be a blessing to the followers of Jesus? How has it specifically been a blessing to you?
4. God’s presence and direction in our lives is both awe-inspiring and sometimes unsettling (like thunder) and at the same time brings peace and beauty (like a harp playing softly).Godboth stretches us and reassures us. How have you experienced those twin-truths in your life? Give an example.
5.Many people are uncomfortable or confused about the biblical teaching on God’s wrath against sin and evil. But how does God’s committed and steady opposition to evil actually bringcomfort to suffering and persecuted believers? What kind of a world and eternity would we live in if evil were never judged and put to an end?
The Book of Revelation has been called the book of re-evaluation. How does Revelation help us to take inventory of different areas of our lives? What’s a specific area of your life than you can re-evaluate in light ofGod’s truth and eternity?
In what ways does this passage (and all of Revelation) motivate you to share the good news of Jesus to people who do not yet know Christ? With the One Life whom God has placed in your path?