Good Shepherd Community Church
Learning Together From The Good Shepherd
Locations & Times
  • Good Shepherd Community Church
    28986 SE Haley Rd, Boring, OR 97009, USA
    星期六 5:00 下午, 星期日 9:00 上午, 星期日 10:45 上午
The mission of Good Shepherd Community Church:
“Learning together to live like Christ, while reaching out in His name.”
Learning from the Good Shepherd:
John 10:1-6 – “Learning together…”
John 10:7-10 – “…to live like Christ…”
John 10:11-18 – “…while reaching out in His name.”
1. “Learning together…” from the Good
2. “…to live like Christ…”
3. “…while reaching out in His name.”
- The Good Shepherd lays down His life for us!
- The Good Shepherd brings His other sheep into His flock!
- The Good Shepherd was charged by His Father to die and rise again!