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We want to win at home. Relationships are complicated, hard, and at times hurtful. When God made us He made us for community. It is one of the primary ways we are to experience Him, learn about Him, and grow in Him. The family unit was intended to be the greatest expression of this.
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The is a multi-campus, non-denominational Christian church with locations in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. We exist to minister in local communities, following our core values to bring people to an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Visit to learn more about our church.

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There was a time when our kids were isolated from the craziness that we saw coming from the east and west coast. It was easier to protect their purity because things that were impure were out of reach. Now they are readily available online. More than that, it is sent to them on their phone.

Jesus uses a perfect illustration of what it is like trying to lead through change.
In other words, the new patch of technology will not work with the parenting styles of our parents. The newness of technology will burst our old parenting techniques. Too much has changed and too much is at stake. We need new methods. While our desires and principles may be the same, our methods and approach must be drastically different and kingdom focused.

God gives us clear instruction how we are to live and how we are to parent our kids.

We must become committed to guarding our hearts and the hearts of our kids. There is too much at stake.
The link between social media and depression is staggering, with some studies showing as high as a 66% increase. The suicide rate for girls in 8th-12th grade increased by 65%. Kids with smart phones are getting one less hour of sleep a night than their peers who do not get to go to bed with their phones. 62% of teenagers say they have received a nude image on their phone, and 40% says they have sent one.
Furthermore we are now having to fight an algorithm. It is designed to keep you online and to keep your attention. It notices how long you pause on certain pictures, videos and posts. Even if you don’t click on it, it notices how long you linger. Then it begins to send you more and more similar content.
What this creates is a sense that the whole world is doing it because that is all you end up seeing.
As Christians we have a choice. We can reject, receive or redeem. Some of you may choose to reject. You might need to make a tough call today for a better future tomorrow.
We can also choose to receive it. Recognize how good social media is. It allows connection that was previously impossible. You are able to see friends and family as well as keep up on the the day-to-day adventures of their lives.
We can also redeem it. We can leverage it as a force for God. We can broadcast encouraging and uplifting content to bring joy and comfort to a watching world.
The other challenge that technology presents is that it is a TIME Trap.
Time over Time is History
If you lose time you don’t have the history you are going to need to be a consultant in their future.
Love over Time is Worth
If you lose time you child will not have a true sense of their worth. They will not be able to see themselves through your eyes or through God’s eyes. Love is most powerful over the long haul, not in grandiose moments.
Words over Time is Direction
If you lose time you will not be able to guide them when you are no longer in control.
Stories over Time is Perspective
If you lose time you lose the ability to give them perspective and help them see the bigger picture. They will see your words as controlling instead of as a wise consultant.
Tribe over Time is Belonging
We would use the word circles. The longer they have with a better circle the greater sense of belonging they will have. A child with a strong sense of belonging will not spend all of their time trying to fit in, because they already have a significant place in their circle.
Fun over Time is Connection
If you don’t have time, you will not have fun. If you do not have fun with you kids, you will not have a deep and meaningful connection with them. You must make time for memories. Lots and lots of memories. Some planned and some spontaneous.
Challenge 1: Attend our Tech class at your campus. We want to come alongside you and help you make informed decisions.
Challenge 2: This week, pick two nights and from 6-8 put all phones away and turn off all devices. Cook a meal together, go for a walk, play a game, throw the ball around. Don’t keep telling you kids to get off of their phone, give them a better alternative. Make a memory. See if at the end of this week if you like your life and your family better.
If you are single, do the same thing and read your Bible, find a place to serve, go out to a meal with a mentor or make and investment in someone.
Some of us are hooked on social media because we are trying to escape our reality. Don’t want you to escape from a life that Jesus thought was valuable enough to die for.

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