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Finding The Gift of Joy | The Gifts of Christmas (Week 3)
In this message, you will learn how to journey through difficult seasons and discover joy along the way. You will learn how to find joy through the inconveniences, challenges, and pain of life.
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  • ELC Online Church@Home
    vasárnap 10:30 DE
  • Eagle LifeChurch
    3838 W Floating Feather Rd, Eagle, ID 83616, USA
    vasárnap 10:30 DE

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Scripture: Luke 2:1-7, Micah 5:2, Romans 5:2-5, John 16:21, Psalm 30:11-12
Joel Wendland, Southern Idaho Ministry Network Superintendent

The Gift of Love
1. Inconvenient Decree
2. Challenging Journey
3. Painful Delivery

Joy is the gift that lies ahead of you!

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