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Who Told You, "The Devil Isn't Real?"
Pastor Mark Pope May 22/23 2021
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Great success requires awareness of our enemy.
"Know thy enemy and know thyself; in thousand battles, you will never be defeated."

-General Sun Tzu
Main Point #1
Our enemy attacks with...
An abundance of prosecutorial lies.
κατηγορέω (kat-ay-gor-eh'-o)
accuses them, to charge, or prosecute

ἡμέρα νυκτός
Day and night, from sunrise to sunset, and throughout the night
The enemy of our soul is trying to ruin our day with an unending barrage of negativity!
He introduces negative questions.
He speaks through smaller-minded people.
He promotes an ultra-critical system.
Am I staying aware of Satan's negative interjections?

Am I playing a part in Satan's negative interjections?
Main Point #2
Our enemy attacks with...
An emphasize on the committed Christians.
If we seriously serve Jesus, the enemy will significantly stir up trouble.
Am I serious about Jesus?

Am I ready for a fight?
Will I follow Jesus even when I take some hits?

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