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What does Jesus really think about you? Is he disappointed with you? Ambivalent about the things going on in your life? Or worse yet, mad at you? In this sermon series we will explore the very heart of Christ for us as believers in Jesus. What we will find is in the heart of Christ is a deep love for us that propels Christ to run in to our broken lives and constantly meet us right where we are. In this four part sermon series, will we take one week to look at God’s heart for us, two weeks to look at Christ’s heart towards us, and one last week to consider the heart of the Holy Spirit. This series is inspired by the book Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund and we are encouraging you to get 2021 started off right by reading the book devotionally with us for the next couple of weeks.
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    Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

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This week's Scripture

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I. The Spirit Helps Us in Salvation
1) The Spirit convicts us of sin
2) It is the Spirit that Transforms Us
3) It is the Spirit that assures us that we are Christ’s
II. The Spirit is our Teacher and Guide in our Christian Walk
1) He gives us Guidance
3) The Spirit helps us in Prayer
III. The Spirit Empowers us for Ministry
1) Evangelism
Quote from Gentle and Lowly p 122

"The Spirit causes us to actually feel Christ’s heart for us.”
Quote from Gentle an Lowly p 123

“The Spirit is the answer to how Jesus can leave them bodily while leaving his heart behind. The Spirit is the continuation of the heart of Christ for his people after the departure of Jesus to heaven.”
Quote from Gentle and Lowly p 122

“The Spirit makes the heart of Christ real to us; not just heard, but seen; not just seen, but felt; not just felt, but enjoyed. The Spirit takes what we read in the Bible and believe on paper about Jesus’s heart and moves if from theory to reality, from doctrine to experience.”