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Thy Kingdom Come: The Case for Kingdom
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
-This is the first request of the Lord’s prayer – “your kingdom come”
-Jesus' prayer gives a glimpse of life in the kingdom: trusting God for what we need day by day, walking in forgiveness as we forgive others, and living in freedom from sin and selfishness
So why are we starting 2021 by studying this idea of kingdom?
-John the Baptist came preaching specifically about the “Kingdom of Heaven” and Jesus kept right on that theme.
-If you continuing following the teachings of Jesus, you will see kingdom language is used 126 times in the 4 gospels
-Jesus didn’t preach about “becoming a Christian” – a term that wasn’t used until long after His death (Acts 11). He spoke of being a part of the Kingdom of God.
-For Jesus, it all came down to this idea about kingdom: life in a kingdom and a kingdom within you.
What is the kingdom?
-Kingdom means “God’s reign”, “His action" and ”His Lordship”. God sits on His throne as king of the universe.
-Through Jesus, God (the king) is coming into the world to establish His rule, first in the lives of people by triumphing over sin and then gathering people together that will live with a new allegiance, not to this world (to this kingdom), but to His Kingdom.
-This King promises to return again one day to bring everything to completion, which is the ultimate fulfillment of this Kingdom.
When Jesus arrived on earth, the people were looking for a king, but not the kind of king He turned out to be. They were looking for a physical kingdom with an earthly realm to overrule Rome. They got an invisible, Heavenly kingdom that makes its realm inside of us. (Luke 17:21)
Why was it so important for Jesus to pray “Thy kingdom come” ?

A focus for today; A promise for tomorrow; A deep passion for both.
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