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Eternal Perspective
Pastor Mark Pope November 21/22
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Eternal Perspective
The idea that we should all be concerned with eternity, because we will all get there one of these days. We are created by an eternal God who gave us an eternal nature and this life is temporary.
Main Point #1
Eternity is in everyone's future.
No matter our earthly situation eternity is coming!
Eternity should impact my conversations.
Eternity should impact my commerce.
Eternity should impact my causes.
Main Point #2
Eternity offers vastly different experiences.
βάσανος (bas'-an-os)
a touchstone (a dark stone used in testing metals), examination by torture
μέγας (meg'-as)
large, great, in the widest sense
χάσμα (khas'-mah)
wide space a gap, gulf, chasm
Eternity will either be really good or really bad, and there is no in between.
How's my eternal perspective?

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