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Empowered: A Fire That Carries You Through Storms

Acts of the Apostles 28:30-31 NLT

A. Paul’s journey to Rome...
Acts of the Apostles 27:1-2 NLT

1. Paul left Caesarea with two coworkers, Aristarchus and Luke.
2. Julius was kind to Paul when they docked at Sidon.
3. Paul landed at Myra and changed ships.
Acts of the Apostles 27:5-6 NLT

4. The weather was battling against them and they docked at Fair Havens.
5. Paul gave warning to the ship’s officers.
Acts of the Apostles 27:10 NLT

6. The officer listened to the ship’s captain, the logic that Fair Havens was an exposed harbor, the crew’s opinion, and the fact that Phoenix was a good harbor.
Acts of the Apostles 27:11 NLT

7. A typhoon came upon them suddenly.
Acts of the Apostles 27:14 NLT

8. The storm strengthened, the crew began throwing cargo overboard, the ship’s gear and lost all hope.
Acts of the Apostles 27:20 NLT

9. Paul gave hope to the crew!
Acts of the Apostles 27:22-26 NLT

10. The crew was ready to abandon ship and Paul warned them again.
Acts of the Apostles 27:34 NLT

12. They cut off the four anchors and the ship ran aground. All the crew made it to shore.
“So everyone escaped safely to shore."
B. Paul lands on the Island of Malta before arriving in Rome…
1. Publius, the chief official of the island welcomed Paul and the crew. Paul heals Publius’s father and others.
Acts of the Apostles 28:10 NLT

2. Three months later, they set sail for Rome and stopped at Syracuse for three days.
Acts of the Apostles 28:11 NLT

3. They stopped at Rhegium for a day and sailed to Puteoli for a week, spending time with believers.
Acts of the Apostles 28:13 NLT

4. Paul met believers when he landed in Rome at the Appian Way and The Three Taverns.
Acts of the Apostles 28:15 NLT

5. While in Rome, Paul had his own private lodging with a guard. Paul shared the gospel with all that he could and there he wrote his prison letters, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon.
Acts of the Apostles 28:16 NLT

C. Facing the storms in life…
1. Being in God’s will does not mean we will be exempt from storms. We will face storms.
2. It’s not logic that gets us through the storms, but the calming presence of God’s Spirit that is always with us.
3. There may come a time, in the midst of the storm, when you feel hopeless. Remember you are not alone.
4. God’s promises are always our anchor. We cannot trust our feelings. We have to trust His promises!
5. We need each other especially when in the storms. Don’t pull away but lean into the strength He provides through the body of Christ. Encourage one another.
6. Your storms become your testimony and the source of growth as your roots go deep!
7. Don’t let the storms sidetrack you from God’s plan and purpose! He has even greater things He will do if your trust is in Him.

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