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Don't Leave Jerusalem - 1. Be Filled First
Life group notes for week 1 of our April series; Don't Leave Jerusalem focusing on waiting on the power of the Holy Spirit.
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    Saturday 3:30 PM
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Cafe Church - Sunday 22nd April
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This week we began our new series 'Don't leave Jerusalem'. Take a look at this clip together from the bible series, taken from the book of Acts, which forms the basis of this series.

Pentecost: The Bible Series

So why was it so important that the disciples waited in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit? We're going to explore that today as a foundation for what we'll be discovering together as a church this month.

We are all human, every day we try to do things in our own strength. We all have different skills and abilities, and God knows the potential each of us have. But when we try to carry out God's plans on our own we can become tired, we can mess up and not accomplish what God had planned.

Discuss: On Sunday this idea was described to be like as smart phone with out any power. How is trying to serve God without the Holy Spirit like this?

Samson lived his life in this was too. He was a Nazarite, a man dedicated to God, and he was one of the Judges. God knew the incredible potential he had, but he messed up continually.

Discuss: 1. What was a Nazarite and what rules did they need to follow?
2. What was a Judge in the Old testament?
3. You will read chapter 16 of Judges, but what mistakes did Samson make before this point if you already know any?

Read through the following scripture and discuss together how it affected Samson when he lived through his own strength, compared to when he asked for God's power.

Samson did things the wrong way around, he tried to do things without God before he would ask God for help. Like trying to use a phone without power. Jesus wants us to be different. He wanted the disciples to be different. We need to be the phones that are charged. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit before we try to serve God. That's why Jesus told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem. The Holy spirit would give them the power they needed to go and share the good news of Jesus with the world.

Discuss: Have there been times in your life when you knew the Holy Spirit has given you the power to carry out God's plans?

Pray together that during this series our church would desire the power of the Holy spirit and long to be filled first, before we try to serve God.

You can use the bible plan below this week.