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CHANGED - changed heart
...life with Jesus leads to a changed life. A look at 1 Peter and some key markers that are to mark the life of followers of Jesus. Peter is encouraging us to stand strong and stay faithful. To understand WHO we are before God and all we've been given in Christ. He wants to remind us of the change that has occurred within, so we can be influencers and agents of change in our world.
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  • Elements City Church
    1825 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA
    Sunday 5:00 PM

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There are certain things that mark us – and we’re tagged as being that type or kind of person. Maybe you've been tagged a hard worker, loyal, happy-go-lucky person, smart or other label. There's some spiritual markers that are to mark our lives as we follow Jesus.
Tonight: a changed heart.
Truth: It is impossible to follow Jesus and NOT be changed in the process.
We will be CHANGED because it’s one of the things Jesus does best:
change people!
One benefit is an everlasting God-given hope. Hope is the expectation of a better tomorrow. God gives us the benefit of a living hope, promising that the best days are ahead. And IT’S THIS HOPE that begins changing our HEARTS…it's our anchor.
Our lives and heart condition is forever changed by this living hope that Jesus has brought to us through our faith in him. God has changed our heart and continues changing our heart toward Him and others.
Transformation > Information
In the pursuit of following Jesus. Information is important but it’s God’s transformation of our character and our heart that’s essential.
Another benefit is our secure inheritance. When we believe in Jesus, we become the eternal heirs of God's family. God himself guarantees our eternal inheritance and He keeps it safe and secure for us. It never perishes, spoils or fades. God keeps it safe. Your inheritance is kept for you, AND you are being kept for your inheritance.
God’s Love, Hope and Salvation aren’t some things we’re trying to hold onto and not lose ‘em. They’re ultimately holding onto us. We can’t lose it. And it won’t lose us. That’s what is to marks us.
WE ARE FOREVER LOVED by the Creator of the Universe and FOREVER GIVEN ETERNAL HOPE from the rescuer of our souls. And so now we’re freed to love others because we’re loved. We’re freed to live with HOPE no matter what is transpiring around us.
bottom line:
a heart changed by Jesus forever flows with the hope and love of Jesus
A changed heart forever flows with the hope and love of Jesus
(dwell on that this week)
It loves as much on Thursday’s as it does on Sundays
It chooses to love even when we don’t feel very much like loving
It loves in the midst of tension and in the middle of sorrow and joy as well.
A heart that is forever loved by Jesus, forever loves like Jesus loved.
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