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Under New Management: Don't Defend God
Interim Pastor Neal Nybo
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Imagine a classroom full of preschoolers trying to physically protect Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It's a comical image - perhaps the plot for a summer blockbuster. Similarly, some Christians feel the need to defend God and perhaps, that makes God laugh. This week in worship, expect to be challenged by a viable alternative to our felt need to defend God.
Main Point: Don’t defend God, demonstrate Him.
1. Humility, not competence.
We need to go knowing that we need others to help us accomplish our goals. We are not capable of completing God's work on our own.
1. How would you grade yourself on personal humility? How might others grade you?
2. When going to a new job or when meeting new people, would you rather appear humble or competent?
3. Whether or not you have seen The Kindness Diaries or Gordon Ramsey's Uncharted, compare and contrast what it would be like to go somewhere new with nothing but the shirt on your back, needing help, or only production crew knowing everything you need will be provided by the production company?
4. Why might Jesus send his followers out more like The Kindness Diaries (with nothing), instead of like Gordon Ramsey Uncharted, (with everything needed)?
5. In what ways are you not competent and need the help of others?

The Kindness Diaries

This series follows a man named Leon Logothetis as he travels by himself, around the world relying on the kindness of strangers.

Gordon Ramsey Uncharted

Gordon goes in as the competent expert. He has a production crew that goes ahead of him, coordinates everyone and everything that he is going to see.
2. Walk away rather than fight.
Our culture of superheroes, movie cowboys and a national sense of manifest destiny, makes us thoroughly unwilling to walk away. But, this is exactly the response Jesus tells his disciples to have when challenged by those they seek to help.
1. If God or faith needs defending, would you normally choose to walk away or to fight?
2. The message that Jesus followers were to share was “repent.” What did Pastor Neal say repent means?
3. Why might walking away be more helpful than fighting when it comes to people repenting?
Next step:
Think about one situation you may face in the coming week where you have a chance to defend or demonstrate God. Decide on one thing you will say or do that communicates humility rather than competence.

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