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Talking Points - One Is The Win
We can disagree politically and love unconditionally.
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The words of Jesus are so relevant and they are so extraordinarily relevant with everything that's happening in our nation right now.
The division in the church created by our current political context and climate intersects directly with something that Jesus taught.
"I came to church this morning looking for reassurance. I'm scared. And no one even mentioned the election. I feel abandoned by my church."
Nothing divides like politics, because nothing divides like fear.
What exactly do we fear?
We have an unprecedented opportunity to model for our community and maybe our nation, what it looks like to…

Disagree Politically and Love Unconditionally
I just want you to think a little bit differently as a Christian.
Are you willing to evaluate your politics through the filter of our faith rather than create a version of faith that supports your politics?
Are we willing to put our political filter behind instead of in front of our faith filter?

Are we willing to follow Jesus when following Jesus creates space between you and your political party, your party's platform, and your party's candidate?
Jesus saw this coming…

Not the election
The division
At the very end, the thing that Jesus was most concerned about was their unity and their oneness.
What do you think Jesus prays for us?

Not what we pray for us.
Even though it seemed impossible, it was absolutely…

We should become intentional about ensuring that there is unity in local churches and unity in the church because this is what Jesus prayed for.
The reason Jesus prayed for oneness doesn't have anything to do with us. He prayed for oneness because of what he wanted to do through us.
This was a new command, it was not a new suggestion.
One Purpose
One Message
One Command
Your political candidate will win or lose based on how the citizens of the United States vote on a single Tuesday in November. But the church wins or loses, the community wins or loses, in some way our nation wins or loses, based on how we treat each other and love each other and love our world every single day between now and then.
We must not let anything divide us.


We must not let anyone divide us.
It was the message of Christianity that shaped Western civilization.
It was the teaching of Jesus, not our political parties, that laid the groundwork for our modern sense of…

Why would we as followers of an Eternal King allow ourselves to be divided by temporary political systems?
Why would we allow any political…


divide us from a living, breathing…

This is God's will for you, this is God's will for us, and this is God's will for every church because this is what Jesus prayed for.
1. Pray for oneness.

"Heavenly Father, make us one so we can influence many."
2. Look for an opportunity to love unconditionally someone with whom you disagree politically.
Our unique sacrificial oneness is the key to fueling it in our generation.
Disagree politically, but love unconditionally, and pray for unity.

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