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NAME: From Adam to Noah
What is God telling us that we may be overlooking in all of these names at the beginning of Genesis? Let's break it down into English and see just what God is doing!
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In Genesis 1 and 2 God is described by two different names to show different aspects of His personality.

Elohim: God Almighty (our God is mighty enough to meet all of our needs, unlike the pagan gods of rain, wind, etc who can only do one job.)

Yahweh: I AM (was, am, always will be. The name here in creation that God later tells to Moses to show that He is the same God that's been there from the beginning.)
Jesus is declaring here the divine name Yahweh (I AM) from Genesis 2 and Exodus 3

He's the God in control in Genesis 1
Who gets His hands dirty in Genesis 2
And is about to redeem His people like He did in Exodus

In Genesis 2, God makes Adam

Adam = mankind
Adamah = soil
Eden = Paradise
Names of the streams = Hebrew puns concerning the serpent, man's becoming alive, and other elements of the Fall story about to come

Man --> Woman (from man)
Ish --> isha (from man)

Adam and Eve have sons Cain and Abel. Will have other children after this who are not listed here by name

Cain = brought forth or acquired
Abel = temporary

Some names in the Bible are ascribed after the story, some are at birth
Cain initiates a city and initiates a family. Dedicates the city after his first son

Enoch: initiate or dedicate

Sounds like a good family start for Cain...but things get dark from here... The problems of Cain are visited upon his family line

Enoch has a son Irad (wild donkey.) Same phrase that is used against Ishmael's family line
Irad has a son Mehuajael (smitten of God)

Mehuajael has a son Methushael (man of hell)

Methushael has a son Lamech (powerful) who is the first recorded polygamist. Has two wives Adah (adorned) and Zillah (shadow.) We can only speculate if he adorned one with gifts and put the other in the shadows...but it looks like he did...

Adah has two sons: Jabal (stream) who is the father of people living in tents and raising livestock. Also Jubal (sound) who is the father of string and wind instruments. Both of these sound nice. It seems these two are breaking the cycle!

It's expected that if a man has two wives in the Bible he might love one and hate the other thus treat her sons differently. That's why we get a regulation on inheritance in Deuteronomy 21:15-17
So does Zillah's family turn out differently...?
Tubal-Cain: (like saying "spicy" Cain, Cain 2.0) he creates tools like farm equipment and weapons. He is "wickedness perfected"
This is the "song of the sword" where Lamech seems to be bragging about murder and claiming protection from God

Naamah: (pleasant)
Seth: (replacement)
Enoch: (mortal)

Next in chapter 5 it's like Cain and his folks NEVER EVEN EXISTED. They don't even get a footnote, this is all about God's chosen line and not even all of the names are on here so if you make the list it's a big deal and if you have something written about you beside your name it's an even BIGGER deal.

Kenan: (nest)

Mahalalel: (praise of God)

Jared: (descent)

Enoch: (dedicated) Holds the number 7 spot like Tubal Cain but is dedicated to God and taken away to heaven without dying

Methuselah: (man of the javelin) lives nearly 1,000 years

Lamech: (powerful) but this one doesn't brag about a powerful murder, he offers a powerful prophecy about his son
Lamech is looking forward to a time of the promised Messiah
Eve might have been looking forward to the Messiah too and Cain was not it. But perhaps she expected this prophecy of the Messiah to be fulfilled in her lifetime
In chapters 1-5 we see God is Almighty, sets and sustains and redeems His creation. Is involved in his creation and has big plans for it. We rebel but God keeps on making provision for us.

We keep derailing the train but God keeps laying fresh tracks.

God is constantly with tenacity moving heaven and earth to win you to Him, won't you accept Him today and live for the one who died and rose for you?