Revolution Church
July 12, 2020 Group / Personal Study Guide
Use this simple study guide to help you dig deeper into the weekend message with your family, your small group, or even act as a guide during your own personal quiet time with God. Grab your Bible or Bible App and a journal and write down what God puts on your heart!
Locations & Times
  • Revolution Church
    Saturday 6:00 PM

Worship While You Dig

Check out the Revolution Church worship playlist on Spotify while you dig deeper!
Prayer is simply talking with God!
Acts of the Apostles 12:1-19 NLT

Pray through & see what God can do!
Start Thinking
Ask questions to get your group thinking.
• Think of a close relationship you have in your life. How might you describe your communication with that person?
Start Sharing
Choose questions that create openness.
• How would you describe your prayer life?
• Has your prayer life ever been stronger than it is now? What changed?
Start Praying
Be bold and pray with power.
• Jesus, You are the one who makes all things possible. Help me to better communicate to you through prayer. Thank you for always being there for me. Amen!
Start Doing
Commit to a step and live it out this week.
• Every day hit your knees before your feet!
• Spend 15 minutes every day in focused prayer.
Not sure how to pray? Try "ACTS"