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OUT OF EXILE :: Mixed Emotions
God is still in control! We are all navigating a “new normal” in our society, but, it’s not the first time our world has had to work through change. The Israelites were under a “stay away from home” order. After 70 years of being exiled, they are now returning home. They see relationships differently. They see God differently. They see their homes differently. It’s a new life. God has a message for you in this story! Make church attendance a priority. You will be encouraged!
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We hope you experience God in a meaningful way at ThornCreek Church! All elements of ThornCreek are designed to help you discover God's love and purpose for your life. It's a great place for the spiritual seeker or the deep-rooted Christian.
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Mid-week programs are canceled temporarily. Watch your email for the latest program schedules and events.

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TC Kids (Birth - 5th Grade)
UPDATE: Due to guidelines, we will not have any in-person kids programming. However, we will have a special online service just for kids. It will be:
Saturday Kids Worship Service - 4:30 PM
Kids can go to: Live.ThornCreek.Church
This video will become available On-Demand on Sundays. You can go to the “ThornCreek Church” YouTube page.

ThornCreek Kids Ministry strives to walk alongside and equip parents to be spiritual leaders in their children’s lives. Our hope and prayer is that with a strong faith foundation, kids will make the decision to continue growing as Christians, and become Christ-like disciples.

Our age-level classes allow us to reach children at their developmental level, so that by God’s grace they will be able to comprehend to the best of their ability, the topics we are covering in church!

All Ministry Partners (over the age of 18) have passed background checks, and all Bridge Team members (6th-12th graders) are supervised by adults.
TC Students (6th - 12th Grade)
UPDATE: Our student ministry is going to meet in-person at Cherrywood Park (Right by Prairie Hills Elementary) every Wednesday in the month of June at 6 p.m. Students will be required to wear masks and encouraged to maintain social distance.
Additionally, our Youth Pastor will pre-record his Wednesday night message and students can view it every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at: Live.ThornCreek.Church
This video will become available On-Demand on Thursdays. You can go to the “ThornCreek Church” YouTube page.

ThornCreek Student Ministries mission is to create a safe place for students to encounter Jesus, ask questions, process struggles and to experience the love of God while ultimately integrating them into the body and mission of Jesus Christ.

ENCOUNTER | Wednesday 6:30pm-8:00pm (SEE UPDATE ABOVE)
This is our midweek Youth Group service. At Encounter, we have food, games, deep Bible study, student led worship and small groups. We believe that we are better when we are together.

This is our Sunday Morning Bible Study. During the 9am service, students meet in the main worship center for worship, then all students walk over to the youth room for their class. We encourage all students in 6-12th grades to join us on Sunday mornings.
Worship Service Info
Did you come with kids? The messages at ThornCreek can be rated PG-13. As an option, we have a great Children's Ministry Program! If you choose to bring your kids into worship, please do your best to keep them from being a distraction to others.

Volume: If you find the music too loud, please visit the Welcome Table for ear plugs. Ear plugs are also available at the Worship Center doors.

Nursing Mom? We have a room just for you! This room is located through the Worship Center, and has been furnished with your comfort in mind! You can see the entire service live on a flat screen TV.

Distractions: To allow you and those around you to be more fully engaged in today’s service, please refrain from leaving the Worship Center during services. Also, please turn off or mute all cell phones and other mobile devices.
Have you ever had mixed emotions?
How do you take control of your emotions so that they don't take control of you?
Don't worship your feelings.
The goal in life is not for you to feel happy. It's not everyone's job to make you feel happy.
The reason why you have emotions is because you are created in the image of God.Your ability to feel is a gift from God.
Ask yourself, "why am I feeling this way?"
"What triggered me to feel this way?"
Some people can't let go of the past.
We have to be careful about comparing.

Just because it feels different, doesn't mean it's wrong.
Be careful about comparing the old with the new.The new is going to be different...IT'S OKAY.
The strength of God is more important than you feeling happy about it.
Sometimes we're more hung up on the circumstances to be perfect than perfect obedience.
"God is more concerned with the state of people's hearts than with the state of their feelings."
- A.W. Tozer
"My Spirit remains among you."
You don't have to feel afraid because God is with you.
The devil can use your feelings to attack your mind.
But there's a message for you today...GOD REMAINS WITH YOU.
You don't have to believe everything you think, and you don't have to accept everything you feel."
- Rick Warren
If you don't control your emotions, they will control you.
One of the dangers of you being led by emotions is other people will TAKE ADVANTAGE of you.
You may feel like what you're doing is enough. But you have to trust God.

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