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Seeing Jesus - In the Ascension
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Jesus told the disciples it was good for Him to go away
Jesus Commanded the Disciples to Wait for the Helper
The Holy Spirit Was Going to Be Poured Out, But Not Until Jesus Ascended & Sent Him
The Spirit had been with them – Now He would “be in” them and “come upon” them
(This, He said after explaining that the one who had seen Jesus had seen the Father also)
Seeing Jesus At the Ascension, After Forty Days of Seeing the Risen Christ He was about to be taken from them
The Disciples Were Focused on Jesus Restoring the “Kingdom to Israel” on Earth
Jesus refocused them on receiving the Holy Spirit and being His Witnesses
As might be expected, They were also focused on where Jesus was Going
The Angels refocused them on Jesus’ Second Coming
Jesus wanted us to see Him “going to prepare a place” for us.
Jesus set the stage for His return – We won’t have to guess

Mount of Olives just outside the Golden or Beautiful Gate of Jerusalem
We are supposed to be sure he left –
Deception abounds and great deception is coming
Jesus Ascended “above all the heavens” after His resurrection in order to “fill all things”…again, this is for all of us
Our Eternal Fellowship with Him is assured – He will Come for us

We can be confident – We will know – We won’t miss his coming for us

We received “grace” “gifts” He ascended so he might “fill” us as part of his plan to “fill all things”
He ascended to empower all of us to fulfill the Great Commission