Guiding Light

DAY 4 OF 20

Have you ever been at a loss for an answer? Maybe someone put you on the spot, or you totally blanked on how to spell your last name. It’s times like this when we're just praying for things to slow down so we can catch up to what's going on. Sometimes it feels like God is not "slowing down" for us. God can seem so far away in the midst of all that's going on.

But in the Bible, we are reminded that God isn’t far away at all! In fact, God gives us the Holy Spirit to guide us personally.  You don't have to go far to learn what God has planned for you. We may not get all the answers to our questions, but we won't be on our own when asking them. So if you feel alone, remember that God is right there with you.

What is one way you can lean into God's presence today? 

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Guiding Light

Let’s be honest — life would be a lot easier if God spoke to us in really obvious ways. Audible words. Clear signs. Guiding lights. Well, there’s some good news. Jesus couldn’t stick around on Earth forever, but He sent ...

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