Guiding Light

DAY 9 OF 20

Do you have a friend who can tell exactly what you’re thinking just by looking at you? You’ve probably had full-on conversations through exchanging facial expressions. How is this possible? You aren’t able to do this because you have superpowers - you can’t literally read each other’s minds. The answer is simple: you’ve spent lots of time together! Did you know you can have a similar relationship with God? 

The Bible tells us that when believe and follow Jesus, His Spirit is with us just like that close friend. You have access to God 24/7 and the more time you spend with God, the more you will learn about God and yourself. Some ways to spend time with God are prayer, taking a walk outside in nature, reading a chapter in your Bible, or talking to a friend about what God is doing in your life. When we spend time with God, we build that close friendship with the Holy Spirit.

Today, what are some ways you can get to know God's heart for you? 

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Guiding Light

Let’s be honest — life would be a lot easier if God spoke to us in really obvious ways. Audible words. Clear signs. Guiding lights. Well, there’s some good news. Jesus couldn’t stick around on Earth forever, but He sent ...

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