Guiding Light

DAY 5 OF 20

Who are your favorite heroes? Whether you’re thinking of Batman, Wonder Woman, or even a real-life hero, they all have something in common: overcoming hardship. If we're honest, suffering is not fun or something any of us wouldn't choose for ourselves. But isn’t it amazing how some of the people we look up to the most have overcome suffering? One thing kept these heroes going: hope. 

Jesus actually guarantees our life will be difficult. But He didn’t end there! He promised He would never leave us to navigate these hard times alone. In fact, Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit, so we have the strength to endure. When the Holy Spirit guides us, we are motivated to keep going, and that is exactly what hope is. So, as you read, consider the ways hope shows up in the midst of suffering.

Are you or someone you know experiencing suffering right now? Why does Jesus give us the Holy Spirit in times of suffering?


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Guiding Light

Let’s be honest — life would be a lot easier if God spoke to us in really obvious ways. Audible words. Clear signs. Guiding lights. Well, there’s some good news. Jesus couldn’t stick around on Earth forever, but He sent ...

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