Entering God's Promised Rest - Jesus Is Greater Series #2

Day 4 of 8 • This day’s reading


Entering the Greater Rest God Provides  

Thoughts on the Word

God has given rest - He did it as part of creation. We can choose not to enter the rest He created. God shows us layers of rest that are available to God’s people. There is the sabbath rest – the day of rest that God created for His people. This is ours as a gift from God to mankind. We can choose to not enter this rest – and work hard every day.

There is another rest that God gave to His people – the land of promise. They entered this land of rest as Joshua led the people into the land. It was a land where they no longer wandered. It was a place of stability and development. It was a gift of God to the nation. 

God reminds them through David that there is another place of rest – spiritual rest. A rest coming from forgiveness. Many did not enter that rest.

"Today" we must choose - will we walk in obedience today and live in God's rest, or will we walk in disobedience and lose out on God's rest? How do we know what to do "today"? The word of God tells us. It is able to clearly tell us what is right and wrong. It exposes our excuses, our hidden flaws that others do not see, and it is the standard God will use when He examines our life. So let God's Word do it now - "today". Do not let our heart sit in unforgiveness – and grow hard.

Time to Pray

Father, Your rest is for today. Your word reveals what I need to do to have rest today. Help me take the time I need to hear Your Word speak into my life. At times I get confused - Your Word can separate truth from opinion. At times I make excuses for my action - Your Word is ruthless in exposing them. 

Still you are patient with us. You desire is to give me rest today. Your desire is to release blessing on my day. Help me to see that Your Word gives me this. It shows me the path to rest. It shows me the things that I hold on to that stop me from receiving your rest. The problem is me - my heart - that keeps me from rest. So strengthen my heart to follow You closely. In Jesus name, Amen.