Entering God's Promised Rest - Jesus Is Greater Series #2

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Faithful in God's House  

Thoughts on the Word

Consider Jesus.

We see two faithful people - Moses and Jesus. One faithful as a servant, the other as a son. Big difference! A son builds a house while the servant works in it.

Our job is not to be the builder, our job is to work faithfully. As we do, Jesus builds it. If we try to build it, we are trying to do Jesus' job - and we will fail. 

What must we do? Serve faithfully. Let Jesus take care of the rest.

The really scary part? We are just being faithful in His house - but the house is us. He is building this beautiful house and it is us.

Time to Pray

Father, help me to be faithful in your house. You have a simple task for me and I want to be faithful in it. In the end, the house is us - Your people. When we are faithful, Your house functions beautifully. That is my prayer. That when we work together faithfully, we build a house that makes Jesus happy. So help me be faithful. Help me to help others be faithful. Help me to not try and be the builder. In Jesus name, Amen.