Entering God's Promised Rest - Jesus Is Greater Series #2

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The Role of Aaron the Priest  

Thoughts on the Word

What is the role of the priest?

The priest is to be the one who stands before God on behalf of the people. He offers the gifts and sacrifices for sin to God on behalf of the people. He does this out of clear understanding. The failures of the people the priest serves – they mirror his own failures. So he must first offer sacrifices for his own sin and then he can deal effectively with the needs of the people he serves. So a priest is compassionate and gentle with sinful people.

Also, priests for Israel did not take that responsibility by themselves - God released it to Aaron and his children. So Aaron understood the failings of people – he was no different, just one that God appointed to minister as a priest. We must be the same - help people find forgiveness from God because we also need forgiveness. We understand their failings because we fail. We help them seek forgiveness because we need forgiveness.

Time to Pray

Father, today I look at the challenge of being a man who is called to help people when they come to You for forgiveness – but I have the same need. Like Aaron, I must first deal with my own failures and then help others deal with their failures. I cannot allow sin to stay unresolved in my life – I cannot allow it to harden my heart. Otherwise, I will be unable to help other people when they come to You for forgiveness. Like Aaron, You have called us to be priests for the world around us – to open the door for the world to come to You for forgiveness. Give us understanding I pray. Give us help today. Give us a boldness to deal with our failures. Give us Your mercy to deal with the broken people around us – and bring them to You for forgiveness.  In Jesus name, Amen.