Entering God's Promised Rest - Jesus Is Greater Series #2

Day 5 of 8 • This day’s reading


Jesus - the Merciful and Compassionate Priest  

Thoughts on the Word

The last few days have been tough. We saw how serious God was about sin. Today we see how gentle He is with the sinner seeking forgiveness. He is a gentle Priest that knows how weak we are, how easily we fail, how much we need mercy, and how often we come back for help. And He is gentle with us every time!

In addition, He understands us. Our struggles, our weaknesses, the temptations that we face every day. How can God truly understand the struggles when He is perfect and all powerful? He does because Jesus faced every single thing that we faced. Jesus knows. That is just an amazing and comforting thought. 

Never forget that God is on our side; God is always there to release forgiveness; and that Jesus is a priest who stands there with God on our behalf. 

Never forget.

Time to Pray

Father, it is easy to focus on Your mercy - and not see the cost of sinful behavior. Or focus on Your standard of righteousness - and not see the gentleness of Your forgiveness. Both requirements together give us a glimpse of Your heart. 

Father I want to see You both ways - together. I am so thankful for Your mercy. What would I ever do without it? I would die. Instead, I get second chances to deal with my failures. I get a Priest who walks with me through forgiveness and does it with grace. Father today I ask for Your heart as I deal with people who fail me. There is no greater blessing than to have this heart. In Jesus name, Amen.