Entering God's Promised Rest - Jesus Is Greater Series #2

Day 8 of 8 • This day’s reading


It's Time to Grow Up  

Thoughts on the Word

Two things. First, there are things you need to know, but often we are unable to learn them because we still are spiritual children - needing baby food. We need to grow up quickly so we can learn the things that will help us stand strong. 

Second, the foundations of our spiritual life are critical to enabling us to grow. So get the foundations right. Learn them well. Do them. Be able to teach them. Then build your life solidly on them.

When we choose to ignore these foundational truths, and try to build our life without them, we open the door for serious failure in our lives. A poor foundation destroys buildings. A poor spiritual foundation can bring destruction on our spiritual lives when we face the spiritual forces arrayed against us. Let’s take time to build this foundation right.

Time to Pray

Father, where have I forgotten my foundation? Where have I failed to learn the basics? It will stop me from having the strength to take on the challenges I must face. Father, it says I need to constantly practice these foundation principles. So help me today to practice repentance and faith in God today. 

Father where I have failed, show me and I will repent. I will not allow my spiritual walk to stall because I will not deal with spiritual failure in my life. Help me today to practice this every day - whatever it may cost. In Jesus name, Amen.