Psalms 17
Prayer for Vindication and Protection
A prayer of David.#The Hebrew Bible counts the superscription as the first verse of the psalm
1O Yahweh, hear a just cause.
Hear my cry; heed my prayer
I make without deceitful lips.
2Let my vindication come forth from you;
let your eyes see fairness.
3You have tried my heart;
you have examined me by night;
you have tested me; you found nothing.
I have decided that my mouth will not transgress.
4As for the works of humankind,
by the word of your lips,
I have kept from the ways of the violent.
5I have held my steps in your path
My feet will not slip.
6As for me, I have called on you
because you will answer me, O God.
Incline your ear to me.
Hear my words.#Hebrew “word”
7Show wondrously your acts of loyal love,
O Savior of those who take refuge
at your right hand#Or “saving by your right hand those”
from those who rise up against them.
8Keep me as the apple of your eye.#Literally “the little man of the daughter of your eye”
Hide me in the shadow of your wings
9from the presence#Literally “face” of the wicked who destroy me,
those enemies against my life,
they that surround me.
10They have shut off their calloused#Or “fat” heart;
with their mouth they speak arrogantly.
11Now they surround us at our every step.
They intend#Literally “set their eyes”
to pin#Literally “to stretch” me to the ground.
12He is like#Literally “His image” a lion; he longs to tear apart,
and like a strong lion crouching in hiding places.
13Rise up, O Yahweh, confront him.#Literally “his face”
Make him bow down.
Rescue with your sword my life from the wicked,
14from men by your hand, O Yahweh, from men of this world.
Their share is in this life,#Literally “the life” and you fill their stomach with your treasure.
They are satisfied with children.
They bequeath their excess to their children.
15By contrast, I in righteousness shall see your face.
Upon awakening I will be satisfied seeing your form.
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