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The Prayer of Manasseh 1

1 # 2 Ch 33.11-13,18,19 Lord Almighty, God of our ancestors,
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
God of their righteous descendants,
2you created the universe
and all the splendor that fills it.
3The sea obeys your command
and never overflows its bounds.
The power of your wonderful, glorious name
keeps the ocean depths in their place.
4When you show your power,
all creation trembles.
5Your glorious splendor is overwhelming,
and your anger is more than sinners can endure.
6But the mercy you promise is also greater
than we can understand or measure.
7For you are the Lord Most High;
you are patient and show mercy and compassion.
You make our punishment easier to bear
when we suffer for our sins.
O Lord, in your great goodness and mercy
you promise forgiveness and salvation
to those who repent of their sin against you.#1.7: O Lord … against you; some manuscripts do not have these words.
8You, Lord, are the God of righteous people.
Repentance was not necessary
for Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
for they did not sin against you.
But for sinners like me
you have made repentance possible.
9 # 2 K 21.1-18 I have committed more sins
than there are grains of sand along the seashore.
They are so many, Lord, they are so many.
I have done so much that is wrong
that I am not worthy to turn my face toward heaven.
10I am crushed beneath the weight of my sin;#1.10: crushed … my sin; Greek unclear.
I am bowed down by its heavy iron chain.
I can find no relief,
for I have made you angry.
I have set up idols everywhere;
I have done what you hate.
11But now I bow in deep humility,
praying for your mercy.
12I have sinned, Lord, I have sinned;
I confess the wicked things I have done.
13I beg you, Lord, I earnestly pray:
forgive me, forgive me.
Do not destroy me because of my sins;
do not stay angry with me forever
or store up punishment for me.
Do not condemn me to the world of the dead,
for you, O Lord, forgive those who repent.
14Show me all your mercy and kindness and save me,
even though I do not deserve it.
15Then I will go on praising you as long as I live.
All the heavenly powers sing your praises,
and your glory endures forever. Amen.





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