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Psalm 23

The Lord Is My Shepherd
A Psalm of David.
1The Lord is my #Ps. 78:52; 80:1; Isa. 40:11; Jer. 31:10; Ezek. 34:11, 12, 23; John 10:11; Heb. 13:20; 1 Pet. 2:25; 5:4 shepherd; I shall not #Ps. 34:9, 10; [Matt. 6:33]want.
2He makes me lie down in green #Ezek. 34:14; John 10:9pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.#23:2 Hebrew beside waters of rest
3He #Ps. 19:7 restores my soul.
He #Ps. 5:8; 31:3; 139:10, 24; 143:10; Isa. 40:11; 49:10 leads me in #Prov. 4:11; 8:20 paths of righteousness#23:3 Or in right paths
for his #Ps. 25:11; 31:3; 79:9; 109:21; Ezek. 20:9, 14name’s sake.
4Even though I #Ps. 138:7 walk through the valley of #See Job 3:5 the shadow of death,#23:4 Or the valley of deep darkness
I will #Ps. 3:6; 27:1, 3; 118:6 fear no evil,
for #Ex. 3:12; Isa. 43:2 you are with me;
your #Mic. 7:14rod and your staff,
they comfort me.
5You #Ps. 78:19; [Prov. 9:2; John 6:51]; See 2 Sam. 17:27-29 prepare a table before me
in #[Ps. 31:19] the presence of my enemies;
you #Ps. 45:7; 133:2; Luke 7:46; [Ps. 92:10] anoint my head with oil;
my #Ps. 16:5cup overflows.
6Surely#23:6 Or Only goodness and mercy#23:6 Or steadfast love shall follow me
all the days of my life,
and I shall #Ps. 27:4 dwell#23:6 Or shall return to dwell in the house of the Lord
# Ps. 21:4 forever.#23:6 Hebrew for length of days

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