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Exodus 28

The Priests’ Garments
1“Then bring near to you #Num. 18:7; Heb. 5:4 Aaron your brother, and his sons with him, from among the people of Israel, to serve me as priests—Aaron and Aaron’s sons, #See ch. 6:23Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. 2#ver. 40; ch. 29:29; 31:10; 39:1, 2; Lev. 8:7, 30; Num. 20:26, 28; See ch. 29:5-9And you shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother, for glory and for beauty. 3You shall speak to all the #ch. 31:6; 35:10, 25; 36:1skillful, whom I have filled with a spirit of skill, that they make Aaron’s garments to consecrate him for my priesthood. 4These are the garments that they shall make: a #ver. 15 breastpiece, an #ver. 6 ephod, #ver. 31 a robe, #ver. 39; [Lev. 8:7]a coat of checker work, #ver. 39; [Lev. 8:7]a turban, and #ver. 39; [Lev. 8:7]a sash. They shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother and his sons to serve me as priests. 5They shall receive #ch. 25:3gold, blue and purple and scarlet yarns, and fine twined linen.
6 # For ver. 6-12, see ch. 39:2-7 “And they shall make the ephod of gold, of blue and purple and scarlet yarns, and of fine twined linen, skillfully worked. 7It shall have two shoulder pieces attached to its two edges, so that it may be joined together. 8And the #ver. 27, 28; ch. 29:5; 39:5; Lev. 8:7skillfully woven band on it shall be made like it and be of one piece with it, of gold, blue and purple and scarlet yarns, and fine twined linen. 9You shall take two onyx stones, and engrave on them the names of the sons of Israel, 10six of their names on the one stone, and the names of the remaining six on the other stone, in the order of their birth. 11As a jeweler engraves signets, so shall you engrave the two stones with the names of the sons of Israel. You shall enclose them in settings of gold filigree. 12And you shall set the two stones on the shoulder pieces of the ephod, as stones of remembrance for the sons of Israel. And #ver. 29, 30 Aaron shall bear their names before the Lord on his two shoulders #[Num. 16:40; Josh. 4:7; Zech. 6:14]for remembrance. 13You shall make settings of gold filigree, 14and two chains of pure gold, twisted like cords; and you shall attach the corded chains to the settings.
15 # For ver. 15-28, see ch. 39:8-21 “You shall make a breastpiece of judgment, in skilled work. In the style of the ephod you shall make it—of gold, blue and purple and scarlet yarns, and fine twined linen shall you make it. 16It shall be square and doubled, a span#28:16 A span was about 9 inches or 22 centimeters its length and a span its breadth. 17#[Ezek. 28:13; Rev. 21:19, 20]You shall set in it four rows of stones. A row of sardius,#28:17 The identity of some of these stones is uncertain topaz, and carbuncle shall be the first row; 18and the second row an emerald, a sapphire, and a diamond; 19and the third row a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst; 20and the fourth row a beryl, an onyx, and a jasper. They shall be set in gold filigree. 21There shall be twelve stones with their names according to the names of the sons of Israel. They shall be like signets, each engraved with its name, for the twelve tribes. 22You shall make for the breastpiece twisted chains like cords, of pure gold. 23And you shall make for the breastpiece two rings of gold, and put the two rings on the two edges of the breastpiece. 24And you shall put the two cords of gold in the two rings at the edges of the breastpiece. 25The two ends of the two cords you shall attach to the two settings of filigree, and so attach it in front to the shoulder pieces of the ephod. 26You shall make two rings of gold, and put them at the two ends of the breastpiece, on its inside edge next to the ephod. 27And you shall make two rings of gold, and attach them in front to the lower part of the two shoulder pieces of the ephod, at its seam above the #ver. 8skillfully woven band of the ephod. 28And they shall bind the breastpiece by its rings to the rings of the ephod with a lace of blue, so that it may lie on the skillfully woven band of the ephod, so that the breastpiece shall not come loose from the ephod. 29#ver. 12, 30 So Aaron shall bear the names of the sons of Israel in the breastpiece of judgment on his heart, when he goes into the Holy Place, to bring them to regular #See ver. 12remembrance before the Lord. 30And in the breastpiece of judgment #Lev. 8:8; Num. 27:21; Deut. 33:8; 1 Sam. 28:6; Ezra 2:63; Neh. 7:65; [1 Sam. 23:9; 30:7, 8]you shall put the Urim and the Thummim, and they shall be on Aaron’s heart, when he goes in before the Lord. Thus Aaron shall bear the judgment of the people of Israel on his heart before the Lord regularly.
31 # For ver. 31-37, see ch. 39:22-31 “You shall make the robe of the ephod all of blue. 32It shall have an opening for the head in the middle of it, with a woven binding around the opening, like the opening in a garment,#28:32 The meaning of the Hebrew word is uncertain; possibly coat of mail so that it may not tear. 33On its hem you shall make pomegranates of blue and purple and scarlet yarns, around its hem, with bells of gold between them, 34a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, around the hem of the robe. 35And it shall be on Aaron when he ministers, and its sound shall be heard when he goes into the Holy Place before the Lord, and when he comes out, so that he does not die.
36“You shall make #Lev. 8:9 a plate of pure gold and engrave on it, like the engraving of a signet, #Zech. 14:20‘Holy to the Lord.’ 37And you shall fasten it on the turban by a cord of blue. It shall be on the front of the turban. 38It shall be on Aaron’s forehead, and Aaron shall #Lev. 10:17; Num. 18:1; [Isa. 53:11; Ezek. 4:4-6; John 1:29; Heb. 9:28; 1 Pet. 2:24]bear any guilt from the holy things that the people of Israel consecrate as their holy gifts. It shall regularly be on his forehead, that they may be accepted before the Lord.
39“You shall weave the coat in checker work of fine linen, and you shall make a turban of fine linen, and you shall make a sash embroidered with needlework.
40 # ch. 39:27-29, 41; [Ezek. 44:17, 18] “For Aaron’s sons you shall make coats and sashes and caps. You shall make them #ver. 2for glory and beauty. 41And you shall put them on Aaron your brother, and on his sons with him, and shall #ch. 29:7; 30:30; 40:13, 15; Lev. 10:7 anoint them and ordain them and #ch. 29:9; Heb. 7:28; [Lev. 21:10]consecrate them, that they may serve me as priests. 42You shall make for them #Lev. 6:10; 16:4; [Ezek. 44:18]linen undergarments to cover their naked flesh. They shall reach from the hips to the thighs; 43and they shall be on Aaron and on his sons when they go into the tent of meeting or when they come near the altar to minister in the Holy Place, lest they #Lev. 5:1, 17; 20:19 bear guilt and die. #ch. 27:21This shall be a statute forever for him and for his offspring after him.

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