Psalms 58
To the director: To the tune “Don’t Destroy.” A miktam of David.
1You judges are not being fair in your decisions.
You are not judging people fairly.
2No, you only think of evil things to do.
You do violent crimes in this country.
3Those wicked people started doing wrong as soon as they were born.
They have been liars from birth.
4Their anger is as deadly as the poison of a snake.#58:4 anger … snake A wordplay in Hebrew. The word meaning “anger” can also mean “venom” (poison).
They shut their ears like a deaf cobra
5that does not listen to the music of the snake charmers,
no matter how well they play.
6God, they are like lions.
So, Lord, break their teeth.
7May they disappear like water down a drain.
May they be crushed like weeds on a path.#58:7 Or “May he shoot his arrows, cutting them down as if they were withering grass.”
8May they be like snails melting away as they move.
May they be like a baby born dead, who never saw the light of day.
9May they be destroyed suddenly,
like the thorns that are burned to quickly heat a pot.
10Good people will be happy
when they see the wicked getting the punishment they deserve.
They will feel like soldiers
walking through the blood of their enemies!#58:10 They … enemies Literally, “They will wash their feet in the blood of the wicked.”
11Then people will say, “Good people really are rewarded.
Yes, there is a God judging the world!”#58:11 Yes … world Or “There really are judges in this land doing their job.”
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