Psalms 53
To the director: Use the mahalath.#Psalm 53 mahalath Probably a musical term. It might be the name of an instrument or a tune, or it might mean a certain musical style. A maskil of David.
1Only fools think there is no God.
People like that are evil and do terrible things.
They never do what is right.
2God looks down from heaven to see
if there is anyone who is wise,
anyone who looks to him for help.
3But everyone has turned away from him.
Everyone has become evil.
No one does anything good.
No, not one person!
4Those who are evil treat my people like bread to be eaten.
And they never ask for God’s help.
Don’t they understand what they are doing?
5They will be filled with fear—
a fear like they have never felt before!
People of Israel, you will defeat those who attacked you,
because God has rejected them.
And he will scatter their bones.
6I wish the one who lives on Mount Zion
would bring victory to Israel!
When God makes Israel successful again,
the people of Jacob will be very happy;
the people of Israel will be glad.
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