Psalms 110
A praise song of David.
1The Lord said to my lord,#110:1 my lord That is, the king.
“Sit at my right side, while I put your enemies under your control.”
2The Lord will cause your kingdom to grow, beginning at Zion,
until you rule the lands of your enemies!
3Your people will gladly join you
when you gather your army together.
You will wear your special clothes
and meet together early in the morning.
Your young men will be all around you
like dew on the ground.#110:3 The Hebrew text here is hard to understand. Literally, “Your people will be freewill offerings on your day of power. In holy splendor from the womb of dawn your dew of youth will be yours.”
4The Lord has made a promise with an oath
and will not change his mind:
“You are a priest forever—
the kind of priest Melchizedek was.”
5My Lord is at your right side.
He will defeat the other kings when he becomes angry.
6He will judge the nations.
The ground will be covered with dead bodies.
He will punish the leaders of powerful nations all around the world.
7The king will drink from a stream on the way.
Then he will lift his head and become strong!#110:7 lift his head and become strong Literally, “lift his head.” Here, the poet probably means two things: “he will raise his head after drinking the water,” and “he will become strong or important.”
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