Job 18
Bildad Answers Job
1Then Bildad from Shuah answered:
2“When will you stop talking?
Be sensible; let us say something.
3Why do you think we are stupid,
like dumb cows?
4Your anger is hurting no one but you.
Do you think this world was made for you alone?
Do you think God should move mountains just to satisfy you?
5“Yes, the light of those who are evil will go out.
Their fire will stop burning.
6The light in their houses will become dark.
The lamps next to them will go out.
7Their steps, once strong and fast, become weak.
Their own evil plans make them fall.
8Their own feet lead them into a net.
They fall into its hidden pit and are caught.
9A trap catches them by the heel,
and it holds them tight.
10A rope is hidden on the ground to trip them.
A trap is waiting in their path.
11On every side terrors frighten them.
Fears follow every step they take.
12Disaster is hungry for them.
Ruin stands close by, waiting for them to fall.
13Diseases will eat away their skin.
Death itself#18:13 Death itself Literally, “Death’s firstborn,” a name for a deadly disease, or the worms that eat a dead body. will eat their arms and legs.
14They will be taken away from the safety of their tents
and be led away to meet death, the king of terrors.
15Nothing will be left in their tents,
which will be sprinkled with burning sulfur.
16Their roots below will dry up,
and their branches above will die.
17People on earth will not remember them.
Their names will be forgotten.
18They will be forced from light into darkness.
They will be chased out of this world.
19They will leave behind no children, no descendants.
None of their people will be left alive.
20People in the west will be shocked at what happened to them.
People in the east will be numb with fear.
21This is what will happen to the homes of those who are evil.
This is the place of those who don’t know God!”
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