Psalms 60
(For the music leader. To the tune “Lily of the Promise.” A special psalm by David for teaching. He wrote it during his wars with the Arameans of northern Syria,#Psalm 60 wars … Syria: See 2 Samuel 8.3-8; 10.16-18; 1 Chronicles 18.3-11; 19.6-19. when Joab came back and killed twelve thousand Edomites#Psalm 60 killed … Edomites: See 2 Samuel 8.13; 1 Chronicles 18.12. in Salt Valley.)
You Can Depend on God
1 # 2 S 8.13; 1 Ch 18.12. You, God, are angry with us!
We are rejected and crushed.
Make us strong again!
2You made the earth shake
and split wide open;
now heal its wounds
and stop its trembling.
3You brought hard times
on your people,
and you gave us wine
that made us stagger.
4You gave a signal to those
who worship you,
so they could escape
from enemy arrows.#60.4 so … arrows: Some ancient translations and one possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
5Answer our prayers, God!
Use your powerful arm
and give us victory.
Then the people you love
will be safe.
6Our God, you solemnly promised,
“I would gladly divide up
the city of Shechem
and give away Succoth Valley
piece by piece.
7The lands of Gilead
and Manasseh are mine.
Ephraim is my war helmet,
and Judah is the symbol
of my royal power.
8Moab is merely my washbasin.
Edom belongs to me,
and I shout in triumph
over the Philistines.”
9Our God, who will bring me
to the fortress,
or lead me to Edom?
10Have you rejected us
and deserted our armies?
11Help us defeat our enemies!
No one else can rescue us.
12You will give us victory
and crush our enemies.

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