Psalms 11
For the music leader. Of David.
1I have taken refuge in the LORD.
So how can you say to me,#Or my soul
“Flee to the hills like a bird
2because the wicked
have already bent their bows;
they’ve already strung their arrows;
they are ready to secretly shoot
those whose heart is right”?
3When the very bottom of things falls out,
what can a righteous person possibly accomplish?
4But the LORD is in his holy temple.
The LORD! His throne is in heaven.
His eyes see—
his vision examines all of humanity.
5The LORD examines
both the righteous and the wicked;
his very being#Or soul hates anyone who loves violence.
6God will rain fiery coals and sulfur on the wicked;
their cups will be filled
with nothing but a scorching hot wind
7because the LORD is righteous!
He loves righteous deeds.
Those whose heart is right will see God’s face.#Heb lacks heart, but see 11:2 and Pss 7:10; 32:11; 36:10.
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